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booking F.A.Q

Ask me a question!

How does booking with you work?

Booking with me is super simple! Request a Service Guide with me by clicking the "Ask me a Question" button below or returning to the home page! After you receive the Service Guide you will see how my booking link is attached to where you can book at your own convenience! 

Do we not get started until my booking date?

We actually start wayyyy before your booking date through a consultation questionnaire which is sent out immediately after you book! This consultation questionnaire depending on your package could take anywhere from a week to few (depending on your comfort and schedule) in order to fully complete. I encourage my clients to not rush this process as it is key to a successful session with me!  

What is the consultation questionnaire?

After booking your desired slot on my calendar - what we do is start off with a consultation questionnaire - the purpose of the questionnaire is to understand more about your business journey as well as to pick your brain on some specific aesthetics or the vision you see for your business. 
The questionnaire also includes instructions on information collection.This process could take a week or few depending on your comfort and schedule! Therefore, I encourage those who may need time to gather information such as photos of their businesses, ideas on verbiage/language, services they want to now introduce, etc. - to book far out enough to give tme to gather that information! I totally understand that life get's busy - so never feel rushed because this process is uniquely yours and I want it to be as amazing and attentive as your business deserves!